🍂 Fall is officially here — and so is the latest Refold newsletter!

Hey, language learners!


You know what time it is! Time for another newsletter. It’s October now, and things are certainly fall-ing into place here at Refold (pun 100% intended). 🍂


Over the past month, we officially released Stage 4 of the Refold Roadmap, translated the Roadmap into German, increased our Spanish offerings, improved our new member onboarding experience, leveled up our YouTube, and MORE!


Ready to read more? Cozy up with your pumpkin spice latte ready because we’ve got a LOT to talk about. Let’s go! ☕

🌟 The Refold Guide Just Leveled Up

The Refold Guide has helped thousands of people work towards their language goals. However, the guide only showed learners how to get through stage 3 (basic fluency).

That is, until now…

Since we’ve released Stage 4 of the Refold Roadmap for free on our website, you’ll have everything you need to map out your entire language journey.

🙌 It’s Time for Spanish Speakers to Get Their Learning On!

We’ve made great strides in making Refold even more accessible to our Spanish-speaking audience. Here’s what we did…


1. Official Spanish Course release!


We officially launched the Spanish version of our Teach Yourself a Language course, or as it’s called in Spanish, el Curso de Inmersión Definitivo. The entire course has been optimized for Spanish speakers, with multi-language subtitles, special explanations, a community for Spanish-speaking learners, and more!

2. Italiano Mil vocab deck release!


Now, our Spanish learners can enjoy learning the most frequently used Italian vocabulary with native audio, carefully crafted example sentences, high-quality images, and everything else that makes our vocab decks so awesome.

👋 Guten Tag German Speakers!

Thanks to the help of the amazing volunteers in our German community, the simplified Refold Roadmap is available completely in German! Please give a large round of applause and a loud “prost!” to our volunteer translation team. 🍻 👏


Since the Roadmap’s inception, volunteers have helped us translate the free guide into Spanish, German, and Portuguese — with even MORE languages on the way!

🚂 All Aboard Refold Onboarding!

It’s no secret that we do a lot here at Refold. So much, in fact, that it can be hard for newcomers to the community to know where to start and how to join our community.


To fix that, we created a virtual email tour to walk newcomers through how to get the most out of our site, free resources, community, courses, and more! Click the link below to check it out for yourself!

😎 We’re Vibing on YouTube

1. Ben has been killing it with his tutorial series.


His goal is to share tutorials for a variety of learners. Regardless of whether you’re good with tech or not, a complete beginner, or an advanced learner — there’s something for everyone.


Here are some of the highlights from the past month:


The BEST tool for READING in your target language — Ben will show you how to jump into reading with a powerful FREE program called Lute! Say goodbye to tedious lookups and hello to Lute’s popup dictionary!

Is noticing the KEY to fluency? — Yes, it is…but there’s more to noticing than understanding what you hear and read. It’s a skill you need to develop, and Ben will show you how!

2. The Refold Podcast is cooler than ever.


Clayton and our resident video wizard, uhh, I mean editor, are taking the Refold Podcast to the next level. Between the recording equipment upgrades and the snappy new intro, the Podcast is receiving some awesome new upgrades.


Check it out!


A chat with the CREATOR of Glossika — In this episode of the Refold Podcast, Clayton is joined by Mike Campbell, the CEO of Glossika! Mike is a passionate polyglot who founded Glossika to satisfy his own language-learning desires. Tune in to learn about the program’s history and Mike’s passion for languages

🫂 What’s Up With the Community?

As always, our community is busier than ever — join us! It’s the best place to connect with other language learners and ask questions! When you join, you’ll find fun events like book clubs, movie nights, immersion clubs, Q&As, and more!


Here’s what’s new in the community:


In the English Server, our community manager, Clayton, started a new weekly English hangout for learners and native speakers! Join Clayton every Sunday at 12 noon for a movie and at 2 PM Pacific Time for free-talk! Click here to join the English server.

The German Server welcomed a new mod to their team! Congratulations Martin, (aka Mal Kontent)! Thank you for helping keep our community awesome!

In addition, our learners have made amazing strides toward their language goals.


Recently, one of our long-term Spanish learners reflected on his experience in the community. (His Spanish is amazing — check it out.) In his update, he announced that he was going to Spain and then reflected on how language learning and the Refold community changed his life. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t misty-eyed reading his post. We’re excited to see what adventures await him in Spain! 

🎁 That’s a Wrap!

That’s it for this month! If you read this far, here’s a fist bump! 👊 Thanks for being awesome. Here’s to another amazing month of language learning!




Until next time,



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