10/20/23 Content Roundup

Hey there, language learners!

Welcome to our YouTube roundup! Our YouTube team has been on overdrive working on videos to help you take your language learning to the next level.

We covered a wide range of topics, including community questions, new tutorials, and even podcasts!

Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Hey there language learners! Ever wondered how long it would take to learn your language? We get this question all 👏 the 👏 time 👏 and today Ben will be showing you what YOUR language progress might look like month by month, year over year — if you’re consistent. 


Ben will do a detailed breakdown of two different paths. One for a language learner who is learning just 1 hour a day, and another for a language learner who is learning 2 hours a day. 


Want to take a look into your future? Tune in! 



This week Clayton (George) was joined by Bree, Ryan, and Tyler! Tune in to listen to musings about healthy language learning habits, and what the team has been up to in the past year.

Hey language learners! Videos accompanied by matching subtitles constitute one of the most valuable resources at a language learner’s disposal. By downloading these files you’ll be able to get even MORE utility out of these resources. 


Having the actual subtitle files makes it easier to make look ups, isolate audio, use assistive reading tools like LingQ or LUTE, and more.


Luckily, you can download (almost) ANY subtitle file for free, and Ben will show you how! 

Ask Ethan, how to learn a low resource language?

Ethan explains how he recommends learning a language with “low resources”.

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