11/17 Content Roundup

Hey there, language learners!

Welcome to our YouTube roundup! Our YouTube team has been on overdrive working on videos to help you take your language learning to the next level.

They covered a wide range of topics, including community questions about dealing with dialects and language temptations, tutorials on low-tech immersion and chorusing, and even an interview with someone who learned English from cartoons and video games!

Here’s what they’ve been up to!

Ask Ethan — How to SQUASH your leeches.

Hey language learners! So you’ve diligently been reviewing your cards on Anki, reviewing your vocab lists, and you’re feeling great about your progress so far. You’re remembering almost everything after a few reviews.


Key word: almost. 


Sometimes, no matter how many times you see a word, you have a hard time making it stick. If you miss a card too many times times, Anki will mark the card as a leech. Over time, you’ll have a whole stack of leeches. 


So what should you do with them? Keep banging your head against the wall and try to remember them brute force? Save them for later? Or just simply delete them? 


Find out as Ethan dives into this topic! 


Ask Ethan — The EASY WAY to improve your PRONUNCIATION!

Ready to work on your pronunciation, but you’re not sure where to start? Recently Ethan was asked the question: What are the best low-effort pronunciation activities?

In other words, which activities have the best bang for the buck! Tune in to listen to Ben and Ethan talk about their own experiences with pronunciation and discuss several high-value activities for you to try in your own language learning routine!

Refold Tutorials — Create insanely accurate subtitles for FREE

 Subtitles are one of the most powerful resources language learners have. Reading along while listening to content is a great way to train your ear while developing your vocabulary at the same time. 


But what if your content doesn’t have subtitles? Do you need to fork up money to pay for a program to generate them for you? if not, are you just out of luck? 


Luckily for you, our tech wizard, Ben, is here to show you how you can generate subtitle files for FREE! Watch to find out how! 

Refold Podcast — How do you teach the EASIEST language in the world?

Today Clayton is joined by jan Telekoman, the man behind the Toki Pona Comprehensible Input channel. 


Joel is a passionate language learner, English/Turkish translator, and was inspired by ALG and Stephen Krashen to make his very own content. 


Tune in to learn about the Toki Pona language, how to make comprehensible input, and the *real* mission behind his channel. 

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