8/13/23 Refold Content Roundup: Inside the Mind of Clayton, Community Q&As and more!

Hey there, language learners!


Bree here again with another action-packed YouTube roundup. Ben, Ethan, and Clayton have truly outdone themselves. Read on for tutorials that will literally revolutionize the way you use YouTube, Ethan’s answers to the community’s most pressing questions, and the Refold Podcast taking a whirlwind turn as CLAYTON transitions from host to guest—you won’t want to miss out!

YouTube for language learning just got SO much better.

There are a lot of reasons why you’d want to download YouTube videos as a language learner. Whether you want to watch them in a better program for language learning, want to avoid distractions, or want to listen to the audio while you’re on the go, downloading videos is a really helpful tool.

In this tutorial, Ben covers EVERYTHING you need to know about his favorite tool to download videos from YouTube — for FREE!

How to find the BEST content for language learning.

The kind of content you use is as important as the amount of time you spend in the language.

In this tutorial, Ben shares with you the 4 simple criteria that will help you identify whether a piece of content is worth your time.

Inside the mind of CLAYTON, the Refold Podcast host!

In this episode, the tables are turned! In this HIGHLY requested episode, Vanessa joins the podcast not as a guest but as the host to interview Clayton himself!

Clayton is a passionate language learner with a long history of both learning AND teaching languages. His enthusiasm for language learning carries into his position with Refold, where he manages the official community of over 40K members on Discord, hosts this Podcast, and coaches learners on how to achieve success in their language journeys.

Listen in as Vanessa dives deep into Clayton’s lore and explores his history with languages, teaching, and his Refold origin story.

French learner GRADUATES Refold?!

In this episode, Clayton is joined by Sal! He’s a French learner, Refold coaching program graduate and language-learning enthusiast. In their conversation, they delve into Sal’s language learning history, his breakthrough in using immersion-based strategies, and the significance of community, accountability, and support for people on their learning journeys.

How should I talk about immersion learning with my friends?

One of our community members recently asked us: “How can I discuss immersion learning with my friends?” Many people, especially those who are not language learners, are familiar with traditional methods and popular language apps.

So why is explaining immersion learning so hard? Is there a way to describe immersion learning to your friends in a way that actually makes sense? Tune in and find out as Ethan answers this question!

Are immersion learners better off long term?

In our latest Q&A Ethan was asked: Is there a benefit to starting with immersion learning? And if so, were they going to be forever worse off for having started with traditional learning before hopping into immersion?

What do you think? Are they doomed for having started with traditional learning? What are the advantages language learners have if they start with immersion first?

Tune in to listen to Ethan and Ben tackle this question!


That’s it for this roundup! To see new content as it’s released, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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