8/18/23 Content Roundup

Hey there, language learners!

Welcome to our YouTube roundup! Our YouTube team has been on overdrive working on videos to help you take your language learning to the next level.

They covered a wide range of topics, including community questions about dealing with listening, tutorials on how to make a language learning plan, and even an interview with Pablo Roman from Dreaming Spanish.

Here’s what they’ve been up to!

Ask Ethan — Is it possible to learn new vocab while listening?

Some people are simply able to pick up on words easier through listening alone.
But if you find yourself struggling to pick up on new words while listening, you’re not alone – but you’ll need to shift the way you view listening and reading practice.

Tune in to find out how!ᅠ

Ask Ethan — Where did Refold come from?

Have you ever wondered where Refold came from?

In this video, Ethan describes the origin story for Refold. Tune in to hear about Ethan’s journey learning languages and how it resulted in the founding of a language company!

Refold Tutorials — The one thing that can make or break your success as a language learner.

Did you know that just 5 minutes can make or break your success as a language learner?ᅠ
It’s true. By scheduling just 5 minutes to plan out your language learning routine, materials, environment, and strategy– you’ll be MUCH more likely to actually reach your goals.ᅠ

However, simply copying someone else’s plan will not help you get any closer to your goals. When creating your plan, you need to customize it so that it reflects YOU.ᅠ

Tune in as Ben breaks down how to set up your own personalized learning plan to help guarantee your success.ᅠ

Refold Tutorials — You didn't fail Spanish, Spanish failed YOU!

ᅠChances are, if you live in America, you have experience learning a language in school.ᅠ

And you probably experienced not reaching basic fluency after having taken 1, 2, or even more years of courses in high school and college.ᅠ

You might have thought that YOU are the problem. If you applied yourself more or studied more, your years of language learning in school might have resulted in something.

YOU’RE not the problem.ᅠ

You didn’t fail Spanish. Spanish failed you. Tune in to as Ben explains the REAL way to learn Spanish (or any other foreign language).ᅠ

Refold Podcast — He's the Goat of Comprehensible Input

Pablo has a long history with languages. He’s a native speaker of Spanish and Catalan and knows several other languages to a high level including: English, Japanese, Thai, and more!ᅠ

Perhaps what Pablo is most known for is his channel here on YouTube that is dedicated to delivering quality comprehensible input to Spanish learners of ALL levels. So far he and his team have created thousands of hours of comprehensible input ranging from super beginner to advanced levels of content.ᅠ

Tune in to listen to Clayton and Pablo chat about Pablo’s history with languages, the history behind his YouTube channel, and more!ᅠ

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