8/25/23 Content Roundup: Ben’s Czech Journey, Linguists, and all about speaking

Hey there Refold fam!

Wow, another week already? As always, our YouTube crew has been hard at work creating content to help you on your language journey. From learner interviews with linguists to progress videos and community Q&As — you won’t want to miss out on this week’s videos!

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

From Zero to Czech Hero? Ben's 150 hour update!

Our resident YouTuber, Ben, has taken it upon himself to learn Czech in just 2 years. Equipped with a well-crafted plan (professionally written on a post-it note), a time tracker, some Czech content, and a few other technological aids, he’s diligently documenting his progress as he embarks on this language-learning journey.

In this latest update, Ben has accumulated approximately 150 hours of learning. Up until this point, he had been dedicating 1 hour per day to his studies, but he recently increased his daily learning time to 90 minutes.

How is Ben handling this transition to 90 minutes? How much of the language can he comprehend now? Is his master plan yielding the desired results? What’s next on the horizon for him?

I won’t give away any spoilers! Tune in to find out!

Refold Podcast - From language learner to linguist?

Ever wondered what it takes to get into linguistics? In this episode of the Refold Podcast, Clayton is joined by Chris Sundita, a language learner turned linguist.

Chris, from a young age, has always been passionate about languages. The first foreign language he delved into was Spanish, then he explored his Filipino heritage languages, and his love for languages only grew stronger from there.

Tune in to learn about what it means to be a linguist, Chris’s journey from being a language learner to becoming a linguist, and so much more!

Ask Ethan - Speaking in your target language doesn't have to suck

In this clip from the Community Q&A, Ethan and Ben address the question: How do I deal with speaking friction?

For some, speaking comes easily after immersing themselves in their target language and building their vocabulary. However, those cases are the exception.

The reality is, most language learners will feel like they’re struggling with speaking when they first start.

That said, even though you might feel like you’re struggling with speaking, you’re likely much better off than those who haven’t trained their ears through immersion. The difference is that you’re able to recognize that you’re not perfect because you’re so accustomed to listening to the language.

Tune in to listen to Ethan and Ben as they address this question, share their personal experiences, and provide advice to make speaking feel easier and more natural.


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