9/22/23 Content Roundup: All things speaking and reading!

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In this episode of Ask Ethan, he’s answering the question: How should I start speaking?

When most people start learning a language, they begin with the goal of being able to speak it.

With Refold, we advocate that the best way to learn a language isn’t by speaking first, but by understanding it first. However, once you understand the language, what comes next? How should you jump into speaking? Should you ease into it? Do only what’s comfortable? Or challenge yourself?


Tune in to find out our philosophy on speaking, and some of our favorite exercises to practice.

It’s no secret that reading is one of the MOST powerful tools we have in our belts as language learners. However, starting to read can be a bit tricky.

When you’re not familiar with every word in a text, the idea of having to make CONSTANT lookups can be a huge deterrent — but it shouldn’t be!


In this tutorial, Ben will show you how to find content you love, and then how to setup and use a powerful program called Lute that will make looking up words in your target language seamless. He’s been using this program for his Czech studies, and it quickly became one of his FAVORITE tools.

In this episode of the Refold Podcast, Clayton is joined by Mike Campbell, the CEO of Glossika!

Mike is a passionate polyglot who founded Glossika to satisfy his own language learning desires. Glossika is a program that provides thousands of sentences, voiced by native speakers, and is commonly used for shadowing practice or for exposure to massive amounts of sentences to help make immersion more comprehensible.

While a paid subscription is required for most languages, Glossika is also committed to preserving less common languages. To this end, they offer Glossika for free for several lesser-spoken languages such as Welsh, Catalan, Gaelic, Wenzhounese, Kurdish, and more.

Learn more about Glossika:

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