9/8/23 Content Roundup

You already know what time it is… It’s time for another Refold Content Roundup!

Ready to find out what our YouTube crew has been up to the past week? Keep reading to find out!

This episode of the Refold Podcast is a real treat. We’re honored to have Koalani on the podcast.

She’s a native Greek speaker who learned to speak English and Spanish with a near-flawless accent — all without the internet! In addition to Greek, English, and Spanish, she also speaks Dutch, Finnish, and Swedish.


Tune in to hear them chat about Koalani’s passion for languages and the strategies she used to acquire so many languages!

Here at Refold we’re all fangirling a bit over this guest. In this episode, Clayton invited Killer Gerbah onto the program and he just so happens to be the creator of one of our favorite video players for immersion – ASB Player.


Tune in as Clayton and Killer Gerbah discuss his philosophy behind software development and his rationale for keep this extremely powerful tool free. They also dive into Killer Gerbah’s history as a language learner and why he felt the need to create this tool.

In this clip from our Community Q&A, Ethan tackles the question: Which are better, word or sentence cards?

Recently Ethan was asked: Do you need to quit using target language subtitles?

If you’ve ever found that you need subtitles to understand your target language, you’re not alone. All over the internet you’ll find language learners talking about the same problem.

So how are you supposed to fix it? Will the problem of not being able to understand things go away on it’s own over time, or do you need to make a conscious choice to turn off the subtitles to train your listening?

Today’s video is all about one of Ben’s spiciest language learning takes. Are you ready for it?

Here goes… No, you SHOULDN’T change your device’s language to the language you’re learning.

Full. Stop.


In fact, changing your device’s language isn’t just a terrible idea, it could actually harm you in the long run. Don’t believe us? Ben spells out all the reasons supporting his argument in this video. After you watch it, let us know if your opinions change in the comments below!

You might have heard us talk about “noticing,” but what does that have to do with language learning?

By taking the time to “notice” the words and phrases you encounter in your immersion, you’ll be able to supercharge your language ability.

However, there’s more to noticing than just understanding what you hear and read; it’s a skill you need to develop!

Tune in to learn everything you need to know about “noticing” and how to unlock this valuable with a little something we like to call “The Noticing Game.”

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