August Newsletter – We’ve got a LOT to talk about!

Another month, another newsletter, amirite? Summer might be winding down, but we aren’t! We’ve been hard at work making immersion more accessible than ever, creating awesome content to help and inspire y’all on your language-learning journeys, and more.

Ready to find out what we’ve been up to? Let’s go!

As subscribers to our newsletter, you were the first to find out that our course went live. Now, we’re excited to announce that our course is now available to everyone!

Our main goal at Refold is to make language learning as accessible as possible for anyone who wants to learn a language. With that goal in mind, we designed this course to give anyone the tools they need to teach themselves a language successfully. From daily videos to structured assignments to carefully curated content recommendations — this course has it all!


Learn about the course:

As part of the course launch we just mentioned, we created a whole video explaining how Refold came to be and what inspired Ethan’s (our CEO) passion for language learning.

We wanted to share this portion of the video with you since it captures our story so well.


Watch Ethan’s story:

Right now, as of the time I’m writing this newsletter, the Refold Podcast is trending on, ranking in the top 10 language learning podcasts. A big round of applause for Clayton! 👏

But that’s not all! Recently, Clayton had Pablo from the extremely popular immersion channel, Dreaming Spanish, on the podcast. The episode was an immediate fan favorite! In the episode, they chat about Pablo’s history with languages, what it’s like creating massive amounts of comprehensible input content, and more! You won’t want to miss it, check it out 👀

🔥 Refold is coming to a Spanish speaker near you!

One of our goals is to expand Refold’s accessibility beyond just English speakers. To do this, we’ve ramped up our Spanish support by hiring a native Spanish speaker, Zdena! So far, she has helped us translate difficult concepts from the Refold method into Spanish and has added Spanish subtitles to the entire Teach Yourself a Language video course!

📰 News from the Refold community!

August was JLPT season for our Japanese learners. A few members from the Japanese Refold Discord server took the test and passed! Join us in congratulating Highflyer for passing the JLPT N3 and Daryll for passing the JLPT N1 exams! 🥳

👀 Sneak peek at what’s coming up

We’ve had a lot of people ask us about the Stage 4 section of the Refold roadmap. Currently, it’s exclusively available to our patrons.

I was sworn to secrecy, so I can’t spill all the details, but a little birdy told me that we’ll be releasing the Stage 4 portion of the Refold Roadmap to the public SOON! (The bird’s name may or may not rhyme with Beethan.)


We don’t have an exact date yet, so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement from us when the time comes!

🔥 That’s it!

Thanks for reading this far! As always, thanks so much for being an amazing member of the Refold community!


See ya next month!

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