Confessions of a Reading Addict

My name’s Brizz and I’m addicted to reading. Whew, I said it…feels so good to get that off my chest. Over the past ~2.5 years of learning Spanish (from nearly 0) I’ve read more than 2 million words in my target language (yes, I tracked every book I read up until a few months ago). So this is my story…the story of how I went from 0 reading comprehension — to reading full-size fantasy books in Spanish (yes, I’m a nerd…don’t @ me).

How to Use LingQ as a Refolder

LingQ is a great assisted reading app. It is gamified well, the new 5.0 update has given it a super sleek look, and it has one of the only immersion learning communities outside of Refold. The content libraries have community volunteers called librarians, and the forums are active enough for something so niche.