Content Roundup 9/15/23

Hey there, language learners!

Welcome to our YouTube roundup! Our YouTube team has been on overdrive working on videos to help you take your language learning to the next level.

They covered a wide range of topics, including community questions such as how to learn grammar as a Refolder, how important is Reading over SRS for language learning, and even discussions about AI language learning tools!

Ask Ethan — Is writing the key to learning a new language?

Some people are simply able to pick up on words easier through listening alone.
But if you find yourself struggling to pick up on new words while listening, you’re not alone – but you’ll need to shift the way you view listening and reading practice.

Tune in to find out how!ᅠ

Ask Ethan — Is reading better than Anki?

In this video, Ethan answers the BIG QUESTION… is reading better than SRS? Tune in to find out now.

Ask Ethan — How do you learn grammar as a Refolder?

A lot of people think Refold is against learning grammar at all… but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Tune in to find out how we REALLY want you to learn grammar.

Refold Tutorials — Language learning with AI just got even better!

Hey language learners! In today’s video, Ben is doing a deep dive in to his new favorite tool, Eleven Labs. 

Eleven Labs is a revolutionary new tool that allows you to create hyper realistic audio from text. It even goes so far as to let you clone your OWN voice and create audio in almost any language. Paired with ChatGPT, it’s an amazing resource that you NEED to try to believe. 

Here are Ben’s three favorite ways to use this revolutionary new tool:

1. Create graded reader audio books

2. Add better audio to your Anki cards

3. Shadowing YOURSELF in your target language

Tune in to learn how! 

Refold Podcast — The inside scoop on being a language tutor!

This week Clayton is joined by teacher Hannah!
She’s a native Tagalog speaker and teacher on italki. Oh, and she’s also a full-time engineering student!

Tune in to listen to them chat about her experiences teaching and what she thinks sets successful students apart from the rest. 

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