Dialects, Low-Tech Immersion, Chorusing, and MORE!!! – Refold YouTube Roundup

Hey there, language learners!

Welcome to our YouTube roundup! Our YouTube team has been on overdrive working on videos to help you take your language learning to the next level.

They covered a wide range of topics, including community questions about dealing with dialects and language temptations, tutorials on low-tech immersion and chorusing, and even an interview with someone who learned English from cartoons and video games!

Here’s what they’ve been up to!

Ask Ethan — Dealing with Dialects

Ethan’s back with yet another insightful Q&A from our community. In this episode, he addresses this frequently asked question: “How can I navigate different dialects in my target language?”

Confronting dialects is an inevitable part of the language-learning journey. For some, distinguishing dialect differences can be a bit of a headache, while for others, understanding the specific dialect to focus on from the get-go is crucial.

Tune in as Ethan unravels the challenges dialects can present to language learners and helps devise a strategy that fits your unique learning style.


Ask Ethan — Help! Which language should I learn?

In this clip, Ethan answers, “How Do I choose which language to learn?”

This question is one that many people struggle with. It’s no secret that learning a language takes time. A LOT of time. And then, when you start with a language, it’s easy to feel tempted by other languages.

So should you switch? How are you supposed to know which language is right for you? Is the grass REALLY greener on the other side? Find out as Ethan addresses this question!

Refold Tutorials — Low-tech language learning made EASY

Myth: You need a lot of tech to learn a language

Here’s the truth: People have been learning languages since the dawn of time, and they didn’t need the Internet to do it.

With a notebook, dictionary, and a good movie or book, you can learn quite a lot. Tune in as Ben breaks down some easy low-tech learning strategies for you to try.

Refold Tutorials — Chorusing, AKA the EASY way to improve your SPEAKING

Ready to improve your speaking skills, but you’re not sure where to start? For many learners, chorusing is a great first step. Here’s the process in a nutshell: find a phrase you want to practice, add the phrase to Audacity, record yourself, and try to match the recording


If you find the idea of setting up new technology intimidating, you’re in luck. The process is incredibly simple, and Ben will walk you through the entire process in this chorusing tutorial.

Here are the tools you’ll need to get started on your own:


Refold Podcast — He learned English with CARTOON NETWORK?

Today Clayton is joined by Bart! He and Clayton go way back, and they chat a lot about Bart’s experiences as a high-level language learner living in Poland. Bart goes into the details of why he feels he learned more playing video games and watching Cartoon Network than he did out of English class.

Bart’s experiences highlight the importance of immersing in engaging content when language learning, proving that learning can happen outside the traditional classroom setting.

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