Find French YouTube videos PERFECT for your level

Refold Seeder Playlists

Learning French, and you want to set up a French immersion YouTube account? Immersion is one of the most fun and effective ways to learn a language, but finding content that’s right for your level can be a daunting task. We’ve got you covered with our collection of YouTube French seeder playlists!

With the help of one of our amazing Refold community members, SDPhil, we compiled these French YouTube playlists to help you discover new content and set up your very own French YouTube immersion account!

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What’s included

Our French playlist collection includes a beginner seeder playlist with content tailored for your level, as well as two content-ladder playlists.

Can’t wait to dive in? The seeder playlists can be watched in any order, allowing you to discover new content creators and kick-start your immersion account on YouTube. To train the YouTube algorithm, make sure to like the videos you like, follow, and watch them all the way through to receive similar content suggestions!

Alternatively, our Content-Ladder playlists offer a more structured approach, guiding you through the material, and are designed to be watched in order from start to finish.

How to use the seeder playlists

Curious about how to make the most of our seeder playlists? To learn more about how to maximize your experience with our seeder playlists, watch this video by Ben.

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