How to turn ANY e-pub into an audiobook.

I never, ever thought I’d ever say this, but…
Whew… deep breath… here goes nothing…

Microsoft Edge is the best web browser for language learning.

Now, before you close this blog in disgust hear me out.


Dual-channel immersion (listening and reading at the same time) is one of the most powerful tools we have as language learners.

Examples of dual-channel immersion include things like reading along with an audiobook and listening to videos while reading the subtitles. Activities like these are some of the best ways to learn new vocab while simultaneously developing your ear for the language.

However, there’s a whole world of written content out there that doesn’t have any audio. Should you just ignore it until you’re ready to read without audio? Or suck it up and power through it?

What if I told you there was a third option where you could listen to natural-sounding text-to-speech with any article you find on the internet?

What if I told you that Microsoft Edge, the default browser on every Windows PC, has that functionality built right out of the box? And yes, Apple fans, you can download the browser to your Mac as well without your computer exploding from the treason.

Setting it up is a breeze. Here’s how it works:

Open Microsoft Edge. If you don’t have it already installed (or if you previously uninstalled it like I did), click here to download it.

Enter the URL of a page you want to read.

Click the “read aloud” button that looks like a little A with sound waves next to it. It’s in the address bar.

Click “Voice Options” and choose a voice you like in your target language

Listen and read!

It literally couldn’t be more simple. You can even change the reading speed!


Ready to try it out for yourself?

Download Microsoft Edge here:

That’s it for today! What’s something you’re excited about reading with Microsoft Edge? Let me know! I’m always looking for suggestions for myself and for my friends.

TL;DR Reading and listening at the same time is one of the most powerful activities you can do as an immersion learner. Open up a whole new world of content with the built-in text-to-speech capabilities built into the Microsoft Edge web browser. Click here to download it.

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