Introducing the Refold Blog!

Welcome to the Community Site!

The Refold community site is a place to share and show off the amazing community we have created and will continue to cultivate. It is a place to share progress, projects and generally be passionate about immersion and foreign language learning.

The Different Pages

The Community Site (currently) is made up of four different hubs plus a homepage. They are:

The Refold Blog: This is the place for blog posts of all kinds! From Refold employees to passionate community members. If you want to have your work, personal research or thoughts posted, reach out to, and we’ll review your post.

Events: This is simply a master list for all the Refold events that are going on. It’s very easy to miss things or lose information in the busy Discord servers, but this should also have the upcoming events viewable at a glance.

Featured Learners: The Refold community is full of talented, driven and interesting individuals. This page is where we feature them as they cross milestones in their learning process. If you’re approaching one and want to write about your experience, again, reach out to (or we might reach out to you! Who knows).

Community Projects: This final page is simply to show off projects people are working on and give them a place to share their hard work and future plans. Some projects are also greatly sped up with more community support, so check in to see if anything looks interesting. None of the featured projects are officially part of the Refold business and are completely community run.

Continued Improvement

The Community Site is not finished yet! There will be more pages, features and posts added as time goes on. If you have ideas and suggestions, we’d love to hear. The Discord servers are the easiest way to start a conversation with the admins, and we’re always on the lookout for additions that bring value to the community.