November in Review

Hi Refolders!

We can’t wait to share these Refold Community updates with you! This month, we’re excited to announce our 2-year anniversary stream, website updates, and community news! Check it out 👀


2-Year Anniversary

Refold turns 2 in December, and we’re hosting a livestream to celebrate! Join the party on YouTube to:

  • Hear from Ethan
  • Hear from the Refold team
  • Find out what our secret announcement is for 2023
  • Watch special guest interviews

More Localizations

As a language company, our goal is to bring achievable language learning to the masses! Now you’ll find Spanish subtitles on our videos, support in Spanish, vocabulary decks in Spanish, and the Refold Roadmap in Portuguese! Stay tuned for more ✍️


From the Community

The Refold community is busier than ever. Here’s what you accomplished in November:

  • The Tagalog community hosted its first book club! 
  • The French community has a shadowing challenge. 
  • Lindsey, from the Refold Dev team, is now a moderator for Refold Central and Refold Mandarin!

Keep learning, and look out for the awesome projects we’re releasing in December!