Refold Tutorials: Everything you need to know about crosstalk

Develop your conversational vocab WITHOUT speaking!

Crosstalk is an exercise that often gets overlooked, but we’re here to change that! It’s truly one of the best ways to socialize AND improve your conversational skills in your target language, regardless of your proficiency level.

To crosstalk with someone is to have a conversation where you’re both using your native languages. It’s a great way to practice your conversational comprehension skills in your target language without having to speak. A great example of this is Han Solo and Chewbaca! Both speak their own language, but they understand each other just fine.

In this  video, Ben covers everything you need to know about crosstalk. He explains what it is, shares an example conversation, and gives you tips about how to incorporate it into your own language study routine.

Ready to level up your language skills with crosstalk? Here’s everything you need to know to get started!

Watch the full German/English crosstalk video:


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