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I’m going to take a second to humblebrag, here for a second Refolders.

We just got word that the Refold Podcast is the #12 most popular language podcast on the podcast platform, Goodpods, and we couldn’t be more excited!

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Over the past year, Clayton has been hard at work finding guests and recording podcast episodes every week. From interviews with app developers, polyglots, PhD students, and high-level learners, the podcast covers a wide variety of interesting topics pertaining to language learning.

If you like cozy vibes, thought-provoking conversations about languages, and learning – this podcast is for you!

Want to catch up on previous episodes of the Refold Podcast?

Here’s what Clayton has been up to recently…

Episode 47 - Clayton interviews LingQ CEO

In this episode, Clayton interviews the man behind LingQ, Mark Kaufman! He’s a former pro hockey player, son of the famous polyglot Steve Kaufmann, and LingQ CEO.

In this episode they chat about the fascinating history of how LingQ came to be, the thought process behind designing the app, and an inside look into the potential future of LingQ.

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Episode 48 - He learned Tagalog in 6 WEEKS?!?

Ok, you caught us. You can’t learn a language in 6 weeks, but there’s a reason LDS Missionaries are well-known for their language abilities.

In this episode, Clayton was joined by McKAY, a LDS Missionary Training Center (MTC) graduate who learned Tagalog. At the MTC, he intensively studied Tagalog for 6 weeks, and then continued to study it for 2+ hours a day once he moved to the country.

Episode 49 - He's a DEAD LANGUAGE polyglot?!?

In this episode Clayton chats with Gabriele, an Italian polyglot who teaches ancient Egyptian and Sumerian on YouTube! In addition to his YouTube channel, he’s a passionate language learner and a very active member of the online language community.

Tune in as he chats with Clayton about his studies in university, translating, and more!

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