Why isn’t Duolingo working for you? – Refold Tutorials

How to REALLY make progress

Are you stuck in a never-ending loop of language-learning apps, but still struggling to make progress in your target language? You’re not alone! Many language learners find themselves in this situation, feeling like they’re not getting anywhere despite their efforts. But don’t worry, there is a way out of this rut.

It’s time to ditch Duolingo and other language-learning apps and start immersing yourself in real content. But how do you do that? In his latest tutorial, Ben shares one of our favorite immersion learning exercises: the noticing game!

This simple yet effective exercise involves learning a few commonly used words and then actively looking out for them while watching or listening to media in your target language. By doing so, you’ll start to pick up on patterns and improve your understanding of the language in context.

Here’s a link to our vocab decks that Ben mentions in the video.

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