Future Projects

What are Refold’s plans for the future? Here you will find information on where Refold is heading next. 

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Current Priority

Website Restructuring

Our main website has experienced so much natural growth since its launch. We’re currently working on updating our navigation so new learners can understand Refold and get started learning more quickly. 

Ongoing Refold Projects

Partnerships with Schools

One of the major goals of Refold is to integrate the input-based methodology into traditional classroom curriculum. We are cultivating partnerships with various in-person and online language programs. 

If you would like to partner with us, please reach out to


DE1K Deck

We are currently working on the official DE1K Refold deck for the top 1000 most common German vocabulary.

KO1K v2

We are currently working on improving the first version of our Korean deck with a new v2

IT1K Deck

We are currently working on the official IT1K Refold deck for the top 1000 most common Italian vocabulary.

GEN1K Deck

We have a lot of members of our community who are interested in learning English as their target language. With that in mind, we have created an English deck called GEN1K as a base that can be easily translated to other languages. We are in the process of creating those translations so that anyone can learn English, no matter what their Native Language is!

Compiling Research

Second Language Acquisition has not been thoroughly studied and most of the information we have is anecdotal. We are working on putting numbers behind the stories. 

Got numbers to share? Email us at with your CSV file and some information about your language learning journey!

How to Have Fun in Language video

As a beginner, it can be a huge challenge to enjoy a language you can't understand. Our content partner Lamont is working on a video addressing this problem directly

Roadmap Translations

We are continuing our efforts to translate the Refold Roadmap into more languages. Next up are German and Portuguese

Revamping Q&As

We are currently working on categorizing our historical Q&As and finding ways to integrate them into the Roadmap

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Ongoing Community Projects


A free 1K deck for Russian speakers learning English. Contact project lead Melai#9283 for more information


Led by Hulk#5672, this project works on collecting and transcribing subtitles for spoken Cantonese content


Developed by _z#6358, VocabSieve is an open-source sentence mining tool made with European languages in mind
Check it out!

Immersion Kings

Using dubbed media for immersion is difficult when the subtitles and audio don’t match. The Immersion Kings project has been working on transcribing dubs to create matching subtitles for immersion. 

For more information, please contact the project leader TopDog#6483 on Discord.

Tachidesk Server

Tachidesk is a Free and Open Source manga reader for desktop. It runs on the ever-popular Tachiyomi plugins and is an easy way to browse manga safely and easily. For more information, please contact the project leader ArMor#3028 on Discord. 


Developed by jz#8263, this Python tool allows you to create clips from mp3 files, add transcriptions, and export to Anki
Check it out!

Canto Literature Doc

A catalog of literature written in Cantonese compiled by Hulk#5672
Check it out!


An improved 1T deck for Russian leaners made up of 15k sentences
Check it out!

Canto OCR

Canto OCR allows learners to extract text from printed Cantonese media and convert it to be readable with a pop-up dictionary. 

For more information, please contact the project leader Hulk#5672 on Discord.


Taihen is a Yomichan/Text Reader crossover project for OSX. It can be used to read, mine new vocabulary, and reorder backlogs. 

Please contact codeweave#2651 for more information.

Next Up...

Content Collection & Recommendation System

As a small community, collecting resources in Google Docs was a fine solution. As we have grown, our documentation has become disorganized and confusing for new learners. With the help of our Data Wizard Josh, we are working on centralizing and organizing our resources, as well as building a tool to make intelligent content recommendations for learners.

Stage 4 Guide Overview

Our Stage 4 guide has been in the works for some time. Before we can finish writing it, we have to finalize what to include

Complete Stage 4 Guide

We have been gathering data and reviewing case studies to complete the long-awaited Stage 4 guide

Learner Interviews with Lamont

With the help of our content partner Lamont, we are excited for this new project to interview learners and share their stories

Better Grammar Guides

Most grammar guides out there are written to get learners speaking first. This causes them to be confusing and packed with so much unnecessary information. Comprehension-focused grammar guides can solve this problem since they would be smaller and focused only on helping learners pick up the basics. 

Video Explanations

User feedback tells us that our Roadmap is on the wordy side. We want to start creating short, digestible videos explaining key immersion ideas to new learners. We predict this will improve the onboarding process and help new learners feel less overwhelmed by the information.

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