Public Record

What has Refold been doing?! Here you will find a record of everything the Refold company and community have been working on.

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July 2022

Refold Roundtable Podcast

After the success of the Batman Unburied Podcast, the event was converted to the Refold Roundtable Podcast. Every Friday, community managers were joined by admins, mods, and community members to discuss a language-learning topic chosen by community vote.

Polish Simplified Guide

Ghibli July

For the whole month of July, the Refold Japanese server hosted its first ever movie night event! Led by server Helper Nofi#5053, members watched a new Ghibli movie every Thursday and Saturday for some group immersion.

June 2022

Batman Unburied Podcast Event

The Refold community is the backbone of this movement and we are always looking for ways to make the immersion learning process more fun for our more social members. In this Refold group immersion event, we came together to discuss a podcast after listening in our target language. In the Batman Unburied podcast, we explore the world of Gotham City as Bruce Wayne hunts a serial killer. This thrilling podcast spanned 10 episodes and was available in 9 languages!

Ethan with Mr. Salas

New Hire


aka Shiki

Vanessa was brought on the team to be a Japanese coach, as well as help out with all the odds jobs associated with running a startup.

New Hire


aka abeldotexe

Abel is an experienced Chrome Extension developer who’s helping to build extensions Refold has planned for the future.

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May 2022

ES-EN1K Deck and campaign

Spanish speakers are a large part of our growing community and a massive portion of them want to learn English. So we set out to develop the ES-EN1K deck. Since English and Spanish share thousands of common words, we had to find a way to organize and sort the cognates from the truly useful words. Once the deck was done, we worked with Mr. Salas to get the deck to as many people as possible.

Refold Social Media Launch

With the launch of the official Refold Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, we have been able to reach even further into the immersion learning community, and brighten up your timeline with words of wisdom.

Ben with Mr Salas

Community Site Launch

Refold’s greatest strength is its community. But for most of its life, the Discord network has been the center of activity. So we decided to start the community site to show off the ideas of the community in a more “web friendly” way. There, you can read posts from and about different Refolders on a host of different topics.

New Hire


aka Luna

Lindsey is a very talented developer who was originally brought on to build the Q&A page. Nowadays, she splits her time between cleaning up the codebase and making enhancements to the website.

New Hire


aka Mycheze

Ben was brought on to work as a generalist. He does a little bit of everything from programming Discord bots, to hosting events, and building the Community Site.

April 2022

Dynamic Quick Start Guides

Though our Roadmap has been instrumental in lighting the way for many language learners, we knew that the beauty and variety in languages needed some specific guidance. Whether you’re learning Japanese or German, we have written a Quickstart Guide for you to further illuminate your personal language learning path.

Refold in the Classroom

One of Refold’s goals is “to make the world fluent,” which we can’t do on our own. One of the ways we will achieve that is by partnering with programs across the world to help implement immersion learning in more classrooms. We’ve started that process by partnering with an ESL program in Memphis, Tennessee!

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March 2022

Korekara Podcast

Feedback Seminar

Learner Research

Refold surveyed several hundred learners who had completed the 1K decks for their specific languages. We investigated language choice, and took feedback from learners who had run the gauntlet. Ethan also conducted 1-1, face to face interviews with dozens of learners to learn more about their unique journeys acquiring languages via immersion.

New Hire


aka George Pig

After volunteering as a Refold Community Manager and working as an English teacher with a Japanese school on the side, Clayton was hired for his expertise in several languages and expanding Refold’s community outreach.

New Hire


aka Joshua Hamilton#9875

Originally the occasional contractor for Refold paid decks, Josh was hired to continue working on decks full time. He uses his skills as a Data Scientist everyday to continue improving learner content for the Refold community.

January 2022

Spanish Simplified Roadmap

With English being the main language of the internet, all the information regarding the Refold methodology and guidance was initially presented to the world in English. After conducting research, we realized that the majority of our non-English speaking community members were native Spanish speakers. We knew we had to start to accommodate members of our community whose first language wasn’t English, and following the results of our research, we found Spanish to be the first priority.

FR1K Deck Launch

After much work, the French 1K deck was finished and released to eager learners! Like the Spanish deck, it required a lot of effort and planning to choose the 1000 words and sentences. We partnered with Lamont to make an excellent video about why those 1000 words actually unlock so much more…

December 2021

Refold Turns 1!

Through our partnership with MattvsJapan, we learned how valuable it was to cultivate relationships with content creators to help get the word out about Refold. Matt’s insights into the language learning process were very much the foundation of Refold’s methodology and outreach. To further Refold’s success and reach beyond the Japanese learning community, we partnered with Lamont from Days of French ‘n’ Swedish and Mr. Salas!

Chinese Mod Q&A

Japanese Mod Q&A

November 2021

KO1K Deck Launch

After a lot of hard work and polish, the Korean 1K deck was completed and released for our Korean learners! All the details can be found here on the Deck page.

Mr Salas Video

Mandarin Server Q&A

October 2021

JP1K v2 Deck Launch

With MattvsJapan as Refold’s co-founder, Japanese was the first language we targeted for support. The first version of the JP1K deck was an experiment that proved to us that learners are looking for more beginner-friendly ways to jumpstart their vocabulary. With that in mind, we wanted to improve on the first version of our Japanese deck with sentences, native audio, and sleek new look!

September 2021

Q&A Search Feature

In order to make it easier for our Patreon community to find quick answers to their language-learning questions, we launched our Patreon Q&A search feature on the Refold site.

Partnership with Quantized

In an effort to support members of our community who did not use Anki, we partnered with Quantized. Quantized is a browser-based SRS service where learners can access full versions of our official decks the exact same way Anki users would.

YouTube Immersion

August 2021


Fabio Akita

Refold in the Media

Olly Richards

What I've Learned